About us

YONCY with a view to the beginning of the road ...


I am Yoana, the creative director, co-founder, model and designer of YONCY.


I'm currently studying in Milan. Traveling has taught me how to live and understand the culture of different nations. Spending time with friends fills me with positive emotions, and walks in the mountains - with vital energy. Sports, horseback riding, professional make-up ... - these are just some of my many leisure activities. I like to read works of art created on a real cases and tracing the personal elevation of the characters and autobiographical works of public figures and leading designers.


 Born in the middle of summer. Being a leo, the zodiac sign "Leo" fully reveals my character - charismatic, funny, ambitious and unpredictable. I always look at the positive side of things, no matter the situation. I think that all people can be better if they help each other. I have many dreams - they grow with me, but I work hard to make them come true.


One of my biggest passions is fashion. My love for it arose very early, I saved up all of my money so that I could buy a ticket to attend Milan Fashion Week with my sisters Tanya and Stephanie. My parents stimulated this interest - from an early age they took me on their business trips around Europe and it was there that I met the work of top designers such as Thiery Mugler, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs and many Bulgarian designers such as Stoyan Radichev. It was unforgettable meetings with the world of haute couture and it provoked my desire to create my own design models and strategies for future collections.


YONCY looking back, to the past ...

Back in 1989 in my hometown of Burgas, a company established called "STAY-99" . It is a project of my parents - Yordanka and Stefan Ivanovi. With their innate passion for seafaring, my father gave the newly opened stores the name "Kompass" - a guide to choosing quality and comfortable shoes, and "Shoes are health!" Which has becomes the motto of our family business venture.


The childhood - mine of my two older sisters Tanya and Stephanie - passed in the company's stores. We followed our parents closely in their hectic daily lives and this naturally nurtured our sense of trade - we learned to communicate with customers, advise them on the purchase and help them choose. I remember that our father took us on deliveries from an early age, gave us small empty boxes and wanted us to put them in order. When we carried out his orders, he rewarded us for our work. So he imperceptibly taught us that success comes after hard work and nothing ever comes for free.

I still remember this valuable lesson, not only in trade, but also life lesson from my father ... After his early death, mother, me, Tanya and Stephanie worked tirelessly to strengthen the position of our company in the shoe market and to grow the family business. We have visited many world exhibitions and worked with world brands.

YONCY with a view to the future ...


With the promotion of social networks and the imposition of new trends in the world of fashion, my two sisters and I decided to create our own brand in which to invest what we learned from our parents and our original modern vision for the industry. 

Thus was born YONCY - with the mature 30 years of experience of "Kompass" in the field of footwear trade in Bulgaria, but also with the inspired urge of youth to create beauty and comfort by establishing our unique style. Our goal is to promote Bulgarian brands and raise the prestige of our country as a leading competitor in the world of fashion.

Not only me, Yoana, but the entire YONCY team will work to achieve this goal - my sisters Tanya, Sales Director, and Stephanie, Operations Manager.