Q&A with Yoana Ivanova

Describe your life in one sentence?
Full of love, adventure and never planned!
Every parent gives advice and guidance to their children. Would you share a piece of advice you received from your parents that has helped you at some point?
Fortunately, I have a family that is always behind me and supports me in one way or another. My father taught me to be a hardworking person and to deserve everything only and only at the price of a lot of work and true desire. There are so many tips that I don't even know who to give as an example. Something that I always repeat to myself when something unpleasant happens to me is what my mother says, "It was meant to be."
Advice for teenage girls or girls in general?
Don't let other people make you feel inferior, be yourself and don't try to please everyone. The right people will appreciate how unique you really are. Focus on yourself, your priorities and goals.
What are your goals in life?
My only goal is to be happy no matter what I do.

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